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Cardiff, UK.
Film, Instant, Digital.
I shoot a bunch of different stuff, gigs and sports and everyday life.

Cassette Tapes (2014)

I try to make all my stock if thats an option so often starting a new project involves setting up random objects on white paper in my back garden. These are fairly grainy but for the purpose they are exactly what I wanted. 

The breeze was a pain.

Canon 650d - 40mm stm lens.

Light Leaks and Graffiti (2014) 

Olympus Pen EF - Agfa Vista 200

Blackweir - Zenit TTL (2013)

Under exposed photos from last summer. I partly blame my scanner.

Zenit TTL - Helios 44 - Ferrania Solaris 200

Breakdown Face - Quarter Life Crisis (2014)

This was awesome to make and it was one hell of an experience working with these guys.

I used my Canon 650d with the stm 40mm, a Helios 44 and Helios 28mm from my Zenit TTL. The 44 is the stand out to me. Everything just looked amazing through it and its just so nice to use for video.

Bad Instax (2014)
I don’t know. It just wasn’t happening for me that night but then someone said they worked together and I suppose they kinda do.
The new addition. Got it second hand on eBay but it seems to be in good nick. Can’t wait to get my first roll back.

Couple of instax. Khalid after A Downtown Ruckus’ final show + a behind the scenes shot from the Breakdown Face music video.

Fuji Instax Mini 90 - Neo Classic

(someone buy me more film. no. ok)

So a week and a bit a go I made a snowboard edit with my friends for the ‘A Brit Weird’ contest, and we’ve got into the top five that pretty awesome.

You can see it here.  There are loads of slams at the beginning to keep you entertained. A lot of it was shot using a Helios 44-m lens that is just amazing.  

You can vote for our entry by commenting ‘number 3’ here or vote for your favourite. There are some great entries in there I can’t quite believe ours got in. 

Such a good location (if you discount the asbestos, broken glass that is just about everywhere, dead stuff, and the roof that looks like its going to collapse any second). 

I only used the wide angle for a couple of shots but it looks sick.

I’m still syncing stuff up. Kill me.

Making a music video in a couple of weeks* and a snowboard edit this week.  The adapter for the zenit lenses and the crappy cheap fisheye lenses arrived today. 

I am just a bit hyped now.

This is going to be good. 

*In an abandoned bingo hall!!!