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Cardiff, UK.
Film, Instant, Digital.
I shoot a bunch of different stuff, gigs and sports and everyday life.

Such a good location (if you discount the asbestos, broken glass that is just about everywhere, dead stuff, and the roof that looks like its going to collapse any second). 

I only used the wide angle for a couple of shots but it looks sick.

I’m still syncing stuff up. Kill me.

Making a music video in a couple of weeks* and a snowboard edit this week.  The adapter for the zenit lenses and the crappy cheap fisheye lenses arrived today. 

I am just a bit hyped now.

This is going to be good. 

*In an abandoned bingo hall!!!

retro bellami HD-1 digital super 8 camera by chinon shoots at 30fps - designboom | architecture & design magazine

I don’t care if its not that good. I don’t care that I can’t even afford the bus. I want this in my life.

One from a while back.
Canon 650d

Those massive lights from the previous post. Well they lit up all the trees and a lot of the grounds. It was actually quite eery.

Canon 650d

Long story short, we were watching Doctor Who being filmed, it was cold so we decided to warm up under some lighting that wasn’t being used.
It also looked pretty badass.
Canon 650d
Did some macro shots of old maps for a project.
Canon 650d.

Fisheye 2 + Alcohol = Awesome (some of the time)

Found these, probably from sometime in 2010/11. At a guess its Fujicolor C200 film because that’s what I always used then. Oh and one of those cheap Holga flashes with the colour gels.

I will start posting more film photography soon I’m just waiting for some sunlight light so I can finish off films. 

Its just been dark all the times I’ve been out lately.

Camden - Canon 650d - 40mm STM lens
I feel like this is what tumblr would be like if all the posts were on t-shirts.